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Indian Spiritual Moksha is a center of excellence for spiritual growth, health and wellness, in the pristine Soul and Religion Faith. Yogi Rakesh Maharaj, the illustrious founder of Indian Spiritual Moksha. With the sacred aim of bringing peace and joy in everyone's life by dissemination of spiritual knowledge and charitable activities, Other teachers and healers may use the center to offer programs that are in alignment with the mission of the center.

Moksha is a way of living. The guidelines provided by Moksha help us achieve physical, mental, and spiritual balance. The secret to health and longevity is living in harmony with Nature cycles. We are all a part of nature. All life is made up of the same elements as in the Nature."
‘I live to serve. I live to make you all happy. I live to help you all in destroying the ignorance and in attaining the Goal of life - Kaivalya, the final Beatitude.'


Moksha‘s roots began in India; whereby non-Aryan Indians influenced those from within the caste system of Hinduism. This concept was later adopted in Jainism and Buddhism. Many important journeys have been ignited by the preparation for Moksha. The process of Moksha or Mukti is the process by which the soul is liberated from repeating the cycle of reincarnation (death and re-birth). The soul is then freed from experiencing all pain, suffering, and limitations involved in ‘worldly existence’.


Moksha (or Mukti) is the ultimate peace, knowledge and enlightenment; and this is how Moksha relates to us in today’s world. So what does this all mean to us? Well, it shows us that people have always wondered what their purpose in life is and how this purpose is achieved within reason and balance. To feel at peace and harmony we need to feel love, joy, laughter, happiness and ultimately at balance between feelings and experiences of pain and suffering. Although we would all like to eliminate pain and suffering, without these emotions experiences we can’t appreciate the positive ones. Life would be without meaning and we wouldn’t be able to strive to be ‘better’ human beings.

On Moksha – The ultimate freedom

Most Hindus, nay Indians, are familiar with the term ‘moksha’. We read about it in our ancient texts like the Gita, Upanishads, Ramayana etc. We hear about it through the words of the saints and sages, who tell us that it is the very purpose of human life. But in spite of this familiarity, very few consider it as the aim of their own life. Perhaps, we think – “Moksha might be the aim of life, but right now I have other things to do. I have a home to look after, a family to raise, I have to look after my work, my business, and ensure its growth. These are my goals right now. I will come to moksha later.”


We are devoted for spreading the supreme spiritual knowledge to the spiritual aspirants. We do not follow on any religion because we know that religions are man made and to get liberated, one has to go beyond their beliefs.Every soul is nothing but the imprint of the Divine Soul. After coming to experience the illusionary world, soul forgot its connection. Soul has to travel again back to its source to get out of the maya. We help soul to get require knowledge for escaping through the claws of maya.Spiritual aspirants has to reach to super conscious level of the soul. We help the aspirants to get the knowledge & way towards the liberation.

why choose us

अधिकतर लोग यह समझते हैं कि समाज सेवा करना ईश्वर की सेवा करने जैसा ही है क्योंकि सभी में ईश्वर व्याप्त हैं । किंतु यह उनका भ्रम है । उन्हें समाज सेवा करने के अतिरिक्त साधना का अन्य मार्ग ज्ञात ही नहीं होता । समाज सेवा करने से मिले पुण्यों को भोगने के लिए आपको पुनः जन्म लेना ही पडेगा तथा साधना में भी आगे नहीं बढ पाएंगे । इस विषय को गंभीरता से समझने हेतु निसंकोच हमें सम्पर्क करे !!

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उस प्रत्येक जिज्ञासु के लिए है जो आध्यात्मिक विश्‍व को समझना चाहता है । समय-समय पर जिनको संदेह है वे हमसे आध्यात्मिक विश्‍व के अस्तित्व की संभावना के विषय में ही प्रश्‍न करते हैं । हम को विश्‍वास है कि आध्यात्मिक विश्‍व का अस्तित्व है और वह हमारे दैनिक जीवन को प्रभावित करता है । इसीलिए संदेहवादियों का समाधान करने में अनमोल साधनों का व्यय करने की अपेक्षा, हम जिज्ञासुआें और मुमुक्षुआें पर अपना समय एवं ध्यान केंद्रित करना चाहते हैं ।


आध्यात्मिक मोक्ष प्रयास


अनुभवी ज्ञाता और ज्योतिषी


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हमारे बारे मे प्रेरणास्रोत लोगो की सहमति और राय !!

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